We’re on a mission to unlock growth for everyone.

Whatever your core growth mission or objective is — we were born to help. It's in our team's DNA to help, support, innovate and inspire you to succeed with your business.

We're hard working, diverse, fun, authentic and real - we're just like and always put people before profits. Learn more about us below.

Self-funded, genuine and proud.

Our core values that we live and breathe everyday.
Own Your S**t
We take accountability, we get it done, we own mistakes. We’re trustworthy.
We believe in doing the right thing over the easy thing, 100% of the time.
Diversity & Inclusion
We are a diverse team serving diverse business communities. We aim to help every single person who seeks it.
Relentlessly Value Driven
Value over profit, 7 days a week. The day we stop delivering extreme value is the day we fold.
Always be helpful
Go out of your way to help your customers and your teammates - we live by the manta of "lend a helping hand".


The best, brightest & most passionate people in this space
Brendan Ward

Chief Executive Officer

Michael Devellano

Chief Technology Officer

Noelia Tomaz

VP Customer Success

Collin John

Chief Information Officer

Lori Haskins

Chief Financial Officer

Evan Lemoine

VP of Growth

Growtoro's Backstory

Born out of frustration trying to find cheap ways to grow

My name is Brendan. I started my entrepreneurial journey when I was 12 going door to door selling fitness products (old school, I know).

Fast forward a few decades and many startups later, there was a consistent theme forming: I had the same exact issue at every startup and company I'd been involved in: it was SO hard to grow, get leads, acquire customers and build your web presence. Unless of course, you had a fortune to spend on paid ads - but most normal folks, like myself, don't.

That's when we decided to build Growtoro - the most intuitive, user friendly and valuable growth platform anyone would ever need to grow their business from anywhere.