8 Myths About Cold Email Marketing

January 6, 2022
3 Minutes

Cold email marketing is one of the most time & cost-effective ways to reach your target audience. You are able to send a significant amount of targeted messages to potential customers, all while using personalization and creativity, which enables you to build a deeper connection with anyone who receives your emails. In addition, customers who learn about your brand through email have a higher lifetime value than when acquired through other channels. Ultimately, when built & scaled correctly, email marketing can become the most powerful and cost-effective growth tool at your disposal.

However, many myths and misconceptions about cold email marketing prevent businesses from using this powerful tool. Unfounded worries, misguided thoughts, and lack of accurate technical information lead to people creating assumptions and not giving cold email a chance it deserves. 

This article dispels some of the most common myths about cold email marketing and shows how it can be an extremely effective way to reach your target audience. So, here are eight myths we at Growtoro are ready to bust:

Myth #1: People hate spam, and they won't open my emails.

Reality: More than half of all email is opened on a mobile device, allowing for more personal interaction between brands and consumers. In fact, people can track links within emails so they know where the sender is trying to send them. It's not "spam" if it's tracked. In fact, our clients in 2021, have seen an open rate of 41%.

Myth #2: People use email less and less these days because of social media.

Reality: According to the Adobe Email Usage Study conducted in 2019, Americans check their work email at least 3 hours per day while their personal email is checked at least two hours a day. People still use email, and they do so frequently.

Myth #3: I don't have the resources to do email marketing.

Reality: While large companies can invest in expensive software and services, many free tools are available to small businesses to implement cold email campaigns. Services like Growtoro offer low-risk plans for beginners, so you can test out the benefits of email marketing without the hard work of setting up the proper system.

Myth #4: It's too difficult to generate leads through cold email marketing:

Reality: Cold Email marketing is still a highly successful form of advertising because it works so well for three reasons: first, emails have a much higher open rate than other forms of online ads; second, you can personalize the email, so your customers first impression and view of the brand is personalized to them using their name, which creates a powerful bond; and thirdly, people spend more time on their inboxes than they do on social media or anywhere else online--so if you want someone's attention, then you need to get into their inbox! 

One of the biggest misconceptions about cold email marketing is that it isn't possible to generate new sales or subscribers by using this strategy. This couldn't be farther from the truth, though. Sending targeted emails to your target audience can quickly give you access to many people interested in what you have to offer. 

Myth #5: You need a huge list to be successful with email marketing:

Reality: There is no reason why you can't find potential customers or clients using cold contact lists. These are targeted lists of contacts that you buy from an online provider. While the quality of these lists varies widely, if you purchase good-quality contact information, then you can send your

Myth #6: Cold Email Marketing is illegal

Reality: The myth that cold email marketing is unlawful comes from a high-level scan of the CAN-SPAM Act, which sets rules about how commercial emails can be sent. However, there are no rules that say that you can't send promotional or informational emails to people who haven't opted in to receive them. As long as the message is targeted, relevant to the person, and simply passing information or alerting them about something (without asking for any information in return), cold email is perfectly legal & acceptable. Cold email is a harmless yet effective form of friendly outreach. If a person simply does not want to engage or care about your email, they’ll simply unsubscribe or ignore the email.

The first requirement of the CAN-SPAM Act is that recipients have an opt-out method for these messages. It's as easy as including an unsubscribe link, which we do on all our emails and, of course, urge people to as well. Alternatively, you may request that the recipient email you back for removal from your email list. Whatever the opt-out mechanism is, it must advise recipients that they have the option to do so, and you must obey their desires immediately.

Myth #7: HTML emails are always more effective than text emails:

Reality: This is another myth that has no basis in fact. While it's true that HTML emails are more visually appealing, many studies have shown little difference between the open rates of HTML and text-based emails. In fact, the personalization and appearance of a directly written email may induce a higher response rate. Nevertheless, companies continue to send HTML emails because they assume this is better than sending plain text or having no layout at all.

Myth #8: Automated emails are not personal or effective

Reality: There are a few reasons people think automated emails are ineffective. First, people often associate automated emails with spam. They believe that because an email is automated, it isn't personal and therefore won't be effective. Second, people think that automated emails are sent to too many people and therefore will be ignored. However, both of these assumptions are wrong. Automated emails can be personal and effective, and they can be sent to a limited number of people to ensure that they are read.

People think automated emails are ineffective because they aren't fully aware of how they work. However, a successful email marketing campaign requires different types of emails to be sent out at other times. Some emails are sent automatically, but many are triggered by specific events or conditions--such as when a person signs up for your mailing list, makes an online purchase, opens your email, or clicks on a link.

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