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Fueling growth by generating lists of verified emails from social media competitors, industry accounts, or relevant keywords and hashtags.

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Build your database of targeted customers

Use social media accounts, hashtags, & keywords to gather emails in your market for highly-targeted marketing.

Get Started
1. Fill out the form & subscribe

Fill out the above form so we know exactly what leads to fetch for you. Then choose the plan that works for you best.

2. Sit back & wait for leads

Your highly-targeted, verified email list will be delivered within 3-5 days from your order submission.

3. Gain traffic, subscribers & customers 

Once you receive your targeted email list, start direct outreach for more traffic, subscribers & customers.

Our lists convert at a 5x higher and cheaper rate than Facebook and Google Ads.

A new approach to eCommerce marketing

Reach those already interested in your niche using the power of highly targeted email lists to drive traffic and new loyal customers through social ads and cold email.

Build your own goldmine.

We generate your email lists in two ways: using hashtags relevant to your product or service and through competitor accounts.

Find your winning hashtags or keywords: If someone posts with a hashtag or keyword relevant to your business, on Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, or TikTok, there’s a strong possibility they’ll be interested in your brand; it could even be a match made in heaven.

Create powerful new customer streams utilizing pertinent hashtags and keywords.

Create your unfair advantage: Directly reach out to your competitor’s customers and followers. Take advantage of this opportunity to showcase your brand’s strength and why they should buy from you instead.


Customers ask, we answer

List Creation Questions

1. Where do you get the emails for these lists?
Our current focus remains on Instagram. This network provides the most depth and best targeting capabilities. We take the hashtags and usernames you provide in the form above and use proprietary technology to scrutinize them, collect the email and other data from the profiles, and export it in a neat, easy-to-use CSV file.
2. Are you allowed to do that?
Our proprietary, efficient data collection methods are 100% compliant with industry standards and regulations.
3. Will I receive an equal amount of emails for each hashtag or account name I request?
Every hashtag and account name will yield a unique number of emails, totally dependent on the size of the hashtag or account name. Therefore, larger accounts or hashtags will generate more emails than those targeting a smaller niche. 

For example, if you order a 20,000 email list and choose @Nike as your first choice, your entire 20,000 email list will be Nike, and the following submitted accounts or hashtags will not be used. 

An account with hundreds of millions of followers may yield millions of emails, so you can place multiple orders or large custom orders with us (please contact us for pricing on orders above 100K emails). In addition, you can fill your entire list with one prominent hashtag or account or enter several different ones to get a variety of lists.

4. Besides emails, what other data does my list include?
We receive all available metadata on a person’s profile. For example, every lead will include the contact’s username, full name, verified email, follower count, number of accounts they follow, and biography.

Beyond this information, we also collect mobile phone numbers and the city the person is located in, given it is provided on the profile. Typically, 60 - 80% of leads we collect include this information.

5. Are the lists clean and are the emails verified?
Every order we receive has its own round of data collection, and we never re-use or resend the same list to a client.

Furthermore, after every round of data collection, we run the collected emails through our proprietary email verification system to take out any invalid, unknown, or emails that will bounce. The result is an up-to-date, brand new, and immaculate list for you to deploy.

6. What can I do with a list?
There are two key things you can do with every list:

1. Create more robust ads campaigns using social platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and more!  Such platforms allow you to upload custom CSV lists to use for targeting in your campaigns. 

Creating custom and lookalike audiences with our lists is more efficient than starting with those platforms’ native cold interests/audiences. This would have you see a return-on-ad-spend boost immediately for using your current ads. This process will also give you a competitive advantage over your competition, who are likely doing more broad wider interests (more difficult and expensive to convert).

2. Reach your list directly through cold email campaigns: Using our software & email campaign solution, you can create and launch daily branded cold email campaigns.
We offer monthly packages with varying levels of sending volume across THREE and SIX months. As a result, we achieve incredibly high inbox deliverability (no spam boxes) when sending directly to interested consumers to educate them about your brand, mission, and offerings.

To learn more about our monthly email packages, please head over here.
7. How do I know which hashtags or account names to target?
For hashtags, think about the keywords most closely associated with your brand. For account names, just think about your closest competitors or major players or general industry accounts.

For example, a targeted industry account for “running shoes” would be @nike or @adidas.If you need help coming up with the perfect hashtags or account names to target, shoot us a message in the chatbox or an email at, and we will research your brand and reply with some targeted options.

8. When and how will I get my list?
Lists under 20,000 may require as much as two business days. For larger lists, 35,000 and up, we will ask for three to four business days. 

You will automatically receive your ordered list in CSV format via email, or you can access your list by logging into your Growtoro account and visiting your order dashboard.