Cannanine Generates 100+ New Loyal Customers and 1,000+ Newsletter Subscribers


Cannanine is a family-owned business providing all-natural, ultra-premium CBD hemp oil for dogs & cats and donates meals and blankets to dog shelters in need with every purchase through their partnership with Rescue Bank®.

Pet and Pet Supplies Stores
United States
$1M - $5M
United States


Our customer has been an up-and-coming supplier of all-natural, ultra-premium CDB for dogs and cats. As both the natural pet care and CBD markets grow, Cannanine was looking for a unique way to approach the market, finding those who would be the perfect fit for their product.


Cannnanine partnered with Growtoro to launch a branded, bulk cold email campaign via Growtoro's proprietary email collection and infrastructure approach, leveraging competitors' audiences with similar products or markets.


Growtoro built and implemented a properly structured cold-email system using lookalike branded domains, healthy email send scores, and highly-optimized copy, made for conversion in just seven days.

By deploying their technology at scale, Growtoro gathered 100,000+ unique contacts over two months and ran their cold email outreach campaigns, introducing the all-natural CBD products to support the health of their pets because of their interests in pet supplies and pet-focused CBD products.


By reaching such a large volume of interested individuals already in their niche, Cannanine was able to:

  • Identify, collect, and contact 100K+ verified individuals that are interested in their exact product offering
  • Accumulate over 20,000 website visits composed of targeted, ideal traffic
  • Convert 120+ new customer orders
  • Receive 1500+ replies asking about the Cannanine CBD products
  • Add 1,000+ newsletter subscribers for continued nurture

"In a growing market with a lot of intense competition, Growtoro's helped us stand out. We've reached over 100,000 people and engaged, converting many and showing we care about our customers and their pets.  It's allowed us to continue building our brand in channels we never thought existed."

Tyler Morris
Co-founder, Cannanine
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