Club Decades’ Boosts Social Media Presence & Increases Foot Traffic by 35% in Three Months


Club Decades is a weekly decade and retro-themed party that includes multiple rooms of dancing, DJs, and live music at Boardner’s in Hollywood, CA. It has quickly become a nightlife favorite.

Hollywood, CA
$1 - $5 Million


Our customer, Club Decades, has been a growing brand since launching, producing weekly events at Los Angeles nightclubs. In such a competitive space, Club Decades was looking for an edge against other nightclubs by generating new recurring guests and lowering the cost of acquisition.


Club Decades partnered with Growtoro to launch a branded cold email marketing campaign via Growtoro's proprietary email collection and infrastructure approach to introduce their brand to new potential guests who are ideal based on their interests in similar LA nightlife and nightclubs in the Hollywood and LA area.


Growtoro built and implemented a properly structured cold-email system using lookalike branded domains, healthy email send scores, and highly-optimized copy, made for conversion in just under one week.

During the onboarding process, Club Decades and Growtoro had gathered 15-20 Instagram accounts of related nightclubs that their target audience would follow and 4-5 hashtags that such a target audience would use in posts.

By launching their campaigns at scale for three continuous months, Club Decades was able to reach over 75,000 unique contacts (25,000 contacts each month), introducing their brand and creating a personal connection because of their interest in similar events.


By reaching such a large volume of interested individuals, already in their niche, Club Decades was able to:

  • Identify and contact 75K+ individuals interested in their type of events
  • Increases Foot Traffic by 35% in Three Months
  • Receive over 2,000 positive responses regarding their interest in attending a Club Decades event
  • Generate over 8,000 website visits via campaign click-throughs
  • Gain 600 new social media followers

"The Growtoro system helped us identify over 75,000 people who could be interested in attending our events. We would never have been able to reach out to that many people without their cold email infrastructure. Such an amazing service!"

- William Reed
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