Growtoro Increases Surface Sunscreen Website Traffic And Revenue Via B2C & B2B Targeted Bulk Cold Email


Surface Suncreen is a small-midsize family-owned consumer goods company that specializes in providing comfortable and sustainable sun-care products and related goods. Located in San Diego, California, Surface Sunscreen has launched several transformative sunscreen lines composed of nature's highest quality ingredients.

Consumer Goods, Suncare & Related Goods
California, United States
$3 - $5M USD
United States


Our customer, Surface Sunscreen, has done a great job continuously growing via word of mouth and were ready to scale via eCommerce but did not know which direction to begin in such an open marketplace. They were looking for growth opportunities online without major expenses. As social media advertising costs began to rise in 2021, they continued their search for a cost-effective solution.


Surface Sunscreen partnered with Growtoro to build a branded cold email marketing campaign via Growtoro's proprietary email collection and infrastructure approach. The Growtoro team also inquired about Surface Sunscreen's success via wholesale opportunities and introduced their B2B wholesale program.


Growtoro built and implemented a properly structured cold-email system using lookalike branded domains, healthy email send scores, and highly-optimized copy, made for conversion in just under one week.

During the onboarding process, the Growtoro team had gathered 6-8 competitors of Surface Sunscreen that their ideal audience would follow or hashtags (e.g. #ProShop) retail partners would post with. 

By launching their campaigns at scale, Surface Sunscreen was able to reach over 25,000 unique contacts, introducing their brand, creating a personal connection because of their interest in similar products and brands. 


By reaching such a large volume of interested individuals, already in their niche, Surface Sunscreen was able to:

  • Identify and contact 25K+ individuals that are interested in their exact product offering
  • Increase daily traffic by 900% YoY for the month
  • Engage with 40+ retailers as new potential wholesale partners 
  • Create 35+ new loyal website customers purchasing product AND subscribing to the Surface Sunscreen newsletter

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“The Growtoro team couldn’t be any more helpful. We instantly saw hundreds of new, daily website visits, dozens of new customers, and some high-quality wholesale purchases - all in month ONE! We didn’t expect to find such strong, loyal customers from this campaign! It’s been great.”

— Guy Trotter
CEO, Founder
For more information, please contact our sales team at: