Kringle Candle Increases Customer Base and Website Traffic via Targeted Cold-Email Campaign


Kringle Candle is a family-owned midsize consumer goods company with a focus as a prominent manufacturer, retailer, and wholesaler of premium scented candles. Located in Bernardston, MA, Kringle Candle was established in 2009.

Consumer Goods; Traditional Candles
United States
$25 - $50 Million
Consumer Goods


Our customer, Kringle Candle, has had exceptional growth since launching in 2009 as a family-owned business. As more and more competitors emerge in the traditional candle space, Kringle Candle was looking for an edge to generate new customers while lowering the cost of acquisition.


Kringle Candle partnered with Growtoro to launch a branded cold email marketing campaign via Growtoro's proprietary email collection and infrastructure approach to introduce their brand to new potential customers who are ideal customers based on their interests on social media.


Growtoro built and implemented a properly structured cold-email system using lookalike branded domains, healthy email send scores, and highly-optimized copy, made for conversion in just under one week.

During the onboarding process, Kringle Candle and Growtoro had gathered 6-8 Instagram accounts of related businesses and competitors that their target audience would follow.

By launching their campaigns at scale, Kringle Candle was able to reach over 15,000 unique contacts, introducing their brand and creating a personal connection because of their interest in similar products.


By reaching such a large volume of interested individuals, already in their niche, Kringle Candle was able to:

  • Identify and contact 15K+ individuals that are interested in their exact product offering
  • Capture dozens of new customers & several repeat buyers
  • Receive over 700 positive responses regarding their interest in the Kringle Candle brand
  • Generate over 3,000 website visits via campaign click-throughs
  • Add over 80 new customers to their subscribed email marketing list

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"The Growtoro team has delivered terrific results in terms of all key metrics- traffic, new engagements, and customer acquisitions. We've seen an influx of traffic on our website and already have repeat customers from these campaigns."

Grace Stavropulos
Marketing Director
For more information, please contact our sales team at: