Small Local Business Competes With Large Retail Apparel Businesses via B2C Targeted Bulk Cold Email


Rivay NYC is a small-business family-owned brand that specializes in rugged, yet elegant menswear. Rivay's aesthetic is guided by the defining qualities found in our passions: Timeless, purposeful design, exceptional materials, and meticulous construction. Designed in New York City and manufactured in North America, Rivay partners with the finest factories and mills in the world.

Retail Apparel and Fashion
New York, United States
< $1M USD
United States


Our customer, Rivay NYC, is a small business in New York City among hundreds of other retail and menswear businesses. They struggled to find a unique method to market in such an extremely congested marketplace and get ahead of their competitors.


Rivay NYC partnered with Growtoro to build a branded cold email marketing campaign via Growtoro's proprietary email collection and infrastructure approach, leveraging competitors' audiences with similar brand identities and products.


Growtoro built and implemented a properly structured cold-email system using lookalike branded domains, healthy email send scores, and highly-optimized copy, made for conversion in just seven days.

By deploying their technology at scale, Growtoro gathered 15,000+ unique contacts launched their cold email outreach campaigns, introducing the Rivay NYC brand creating a personal connection because of their interest in similar products and brands.


By reaching such a large volume of interested individuals already in their niche, Rivay NYC was able to:

  • Identify, collect, and contact 15K+ verified individuals that are interested in their exact product offering
  • Increase daily traffic by 120% month over month in Month 1
  • Increase their Instagram follower count by 20%
  • Convert 19 new customers and 26 newsletter subscribers

“We've seen an immediate impact from Growtoro's campaigns in terms of traffic to our site and new sales. The unique approach of targeted lists and personalized email campaigns has been terrific!"

— Jon Ruti
Founder & Creative Director at Rivay
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