Justin Clarke uses Growtoro to become a freelancing leader

Teaching yourself how to fish

Justin Clarke is a freelance web developer specializing in helping re-design or build websites from scratch across a variety of tech. stacks. He excelled in helping create new landing pages and helping code custom functionalities into their websites, all improving the websites increase in visitor time spent on page and conversions. Justin was an expert in his craft and on the rise in his industry.

He found himself hitting a wall in his journey as a full-time freelancer. Although he had built a successful career through referrals, word of mouth, and UpWork projects in his first 2 years, he struggled to find enough clients to fill his workload.

Enter Growtoro, a platform that enabled Justin to proactively connect with prospects and secure new clients. This case study explores how Justin used Growtoro to expand his business, tap into a wealth of new opportunities, and become an advocate for the platform.

Getting yourself out there


Despite being an expert in web development and helping clients enhance their websites, increase time spent on page, and improve conversions, Justin was struggling to find enough work. He could easily take on 4-5 more clients but lacked the sales and marketing strategy to secure these opportunities.


Justin discovered Growtoro and recognized its potential to connect him with the right prospects in his vertical. Leveraging the platform's tools and support, he set out to proactively reach out to eCommerce and SaaS companies and pitch his services.

Growtoro helped the Kringle team set up a branded email engine, so they didn't have to use their main domain or email marketing platform to do the initial bulk wave of cold outreach.


Using Growtoro, Justin identified key decision-makers within his target market and crafted compelling outreach campaigns. He utilized Growtoro's AI copywriter to create persuasive copy and set up a branded email outreach engine for maximum inbox deliverability.

Throughout the process, Justin had several questions as he was new to this type of marketing. The Growtoro support team was readily available to provide rapid responses, expert advice, and guidance, ensuring that he executed his outreach campaigns correctly.

Justin said this, "The whole idea of cold reaching out to people proactively made me a bit nervous cause I had never done it, and I'm generally not really a sales type person, I'm more introverted. But I knew I needed more clients and was sick of waiting for people to find me, so I tried Growtoro and it's become my #1 source of new meetings and clients. I applaud the team for the tremendous amount of guidance they provided me early on and could not recommend this enough for other freelancers."


Justin's efforts paid off, as he secured 12 new clients through his outreach on the Growtoro platform. His newfound success allowed him to fill his workload and grow his business, and he couldn't be happier with the results. He now recommends this sales methodology and praises Growtoro as the best platform to facilitate it.

“But I knew I needed more clients and was sick of waiting for people to find me, so I tried Growtoro and it's become my #1 source of new meetings and clients."

Creating opportunities out of thin air


Justin Clarke's experience with Growtoro demonstrates the power of proactive outreach and lead generation for freelancers seeking new clients. By leveraging the platform's targeted database, AI copywriting tools, and exceptional support, Justin was able to overcome the challenges he faced and expand his client base. Growtoro has proven to be an invaluable asset for Justin, empowering him to connect with prospects in his vertical and secure the clients he needs to thrive.

For more information on how we can help you get more freelancing clients, please contact our sales team at: support@growtoro.com

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