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tHow manufacturing companies use Growtoro


Find ideal retail stores for your products

With Growtoro’s segmented database and filter system, build your store lists within minutes. We use the power of Google Maps, Yellow Pages and every other business directory in the world to bring you a powerful database of every retail store imaginable.

Find the contacts you’d like to get in touch with and prepare your growth engine.


Create effective email sequences in minutes

Build highly-optimized email campaigns using Growtoro’s email sequencing tool and high-performance email templates, and start building meaningful partnerships to scale your client base.


Drive brand awareness & get in front of millions

View all responses in our Unibox system, convert prospects, increase your retail accounts and exceed your sales KPIs with ease.

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Growth workflows that meet your needs

Search our endless sea of retail stores and other brands interested in carrying your products

Use our wholesale, B2B, eCommerce or social media database to find the exact stores you need to get your product in front of millions

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Create compelling copy that prospects simply can't resist responding to

Use our vast library of ready made templates as a base layer to create & tweak the copy that's perfect for your products. Use our AI powered copy writing assistant to polish it off.

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Rapidly grow your retail accounts in weeks, not months

Sick of sitting back on Faire or other wholesale platforms waiting for stores to find you? Go on the offensive with targeted outreach designed to net you new retail accounts faster than ever.

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Sunday Citizen needed to get their bedding products in more retail stores

The Sunday Citizen team was under the gun to distribute their beautiful bedding & home decor products across the country and turned to a wholesale strategy. The Growtoro platform helped get their products in over 15 new stores in 3 months.

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Rascal Barber Alliance needed strong retail store growth

Ben Davis, the CEO & Founder of Rascal Alliance, came to Growtoro in need of rapidly getting more barber shops to carry his products and join his barbershop community. His campaigns with Growtoro resulted in FIFTY new barber shops in under 2 months!

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Pangea Organics

Pangea Organics has been manufacturing incredible and all natural beauty products for over 20 years. They knew how special their products were but simply did not know how to get in front of the right retail stores in the areas they wanted to be in. They used Growtoro to find & close 7new retail partners!

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