How Kringle Candle used Growtoro to explode their Newsletter

Breathing new life into an old Newsletter

Kringle Candle, a well-established candle company making beautiful candles, faced a significant challenge: their newsletter (which was their primary revenue source) had stagnated in terms of growth for years. With organic traffic and some paid Meta campaigns failing to generate sufficient newsletter subscribers, Kringle Candle needed a new approach to boost their subscription numbers and drive sales.

Enter Growtoro, a platform known for its targeted database and powerful outreach technology. This case study explores how Kringle Candle used Growtoro to generate thousands of new newsletter subscribers, bolster their SEO rankings, and turn their newsletter into a high-converting revenue machine.

Taking matters into your own hands


For Kringle Candle, newsletter growth had come to a standstill, and organic website traffic wasn't driving enough new subscribers to make a difference. With their newsletter being their main source of revenue, the company needed a fresh strategy to attract potential subscribers and fuel their growth.


Kringle Candle turned to Growtoro, leveraging its targeted database and outreach capabilities to create a surge of interest in their brand and attract the right audience. They aimed to drive targeted website traffic that would not only boost their SEO rankings but also result in increased newsletter subscribers.

Growtoro helped the Kringle team set up a branded email engine, so they didn't have to use their main domain or email marketing platform to do the initial bulk wave of cold outreach.


Kringle Candle used Growtoro's platform to identify potential subscribers who would be interested in their products and likely to opt into their newsletter. They then crafted personalized outreach campaigns to direct this targeted audience to a well-designed landing page optimized for newsletter subscription conversion.

As they drove a high volume of quality traffic to their website, Kringle Candle saw a significant increase in their SEO rankings, making their brand even more visible to potential customers.


By utilizing Growtoro's targeted database and outreach technology, Kringle Candle successfully generated thousands of new newsletter subscribers. Their funnel, fueled by the traffic supplied via Growtoro's platform, became a high-converting machine that led to increased revenue and customer engagement.

Their VP of marketing said, "We were pleasantly surprised to see how well this traffic was converting into real, engaged subscribers."

Kringle Candle leveraged their expanded subscriber base to test various newsletter campaigns and creative approaches simultaneously, allowing them to refine their marketing strategies further. These new subscribers became one of the company's highest lifetime value revenue-generating customer cohorts.

With Growtoro now a core component of their growth marketing strategy, Kringle Candle plans to continue using the platform to drive newsletter subscription growth and fuel their ongoing success.

“We were pleasantly surprised to see how well this traffic was converting into real, engaged subscribers."

Taking advantage of open doors


Kringle Candle's impressive results with Growtoro showcase the power of targeted outreach and lead generation for businesses looking to expand their newsletter subscriber base. By tapping into Growtoro's extensive database and outreach tools, Kringle Candle was able to breathe new life into their newsletter and drive substantial revenue growth. As a result, Growtoro has become an essential tool in Kringle Candle's growth marketing arsenal, ensuring that their newsletter continues to thrive and generate revenue for the business.

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