Cannanine Generates 250+ Brand Ambassadors in two months!

Using cold outreach to kickstart a massive ambassador program

Cannanine, a leading brand in the pet wellness industry, was looking for an innovative and cost-effective way to create a brand ambassador program. They wanted to tap into the power of making direct connections, community building and word-of-mouth marketing to expand their reach and boost revenue. In just two months, Cannanine successfully onboarded 250 brand ambassadors using targeted data and cold email outreach, resulting in their number one revenue stream among marketing channels. This approach proved to be more flexible and cost-efficient compared to other ambassador services and platforms, which sometimes can run in the thousands per month and net you nothing.

Overcoming challenges

Cannanine faced several challenges when seeking to launch their brand ambassador program:

  • High costs associated with using specialized platforms or services for ambassador recruitment.
  • Limited success running paid ads to net ambassador leads or form fills
  • Limited flexibility in making tweaks and minor changes during the campaign.
  • Difficulty correctly identifying and then scaling the winning components of their campaigns

In short, it was hard to find their groove and see massive success because they were being held back and not provided the right ingredients for growth and success.

Cannanine opted to use targeted data and cold email outreach to kickstart their brand ambassador program. This approach allowed them to:

Identify the right prospects:

By leveraging targeted data, Cannanine was able to pinpoint potential ambassadors with a high affinity for their brand and products.

Craft personalized cold emails:

Using tailored messaging, Cannanine reached out to potential ambassadors, showcasing the benefits of partnering with the brand and how they could contribute to its growth.

Monitor, tweak, and scale the campaign:

With full control over their outreach strategy, Cannanine could easily make adjustments and optimize their campaign to maximize results.


The campaigns netted 250+ brand ambassadors in a few months and created a massive wave of interest. They found a lot of people who did not become a brand ambassador did become customers. The amount of targeted website traffic boosted their rankings and they created a surge of awareness that has resulted in new organic sales every day.

Tyler Marshall, the CEO of Cannanine, had this to say: "We were super curious to see if this kind of approach would work and how people would receive it. It ended up being a massive hit and we got so much good feedback/excitement on it. This was the most effective ambassadaor and community building initiative we've ever run and has become a core part of our marketing strategy"

“This was the most effective ambassador and community building initiative we've ever run and has become a core part of our marketing strategy”

Key takeaways

The kind of success Cannanine experienced with this outreach can be easily replicated for your brand right within our platform. You can find the same kinds of ambassadors in our social media database and conduct direct outreach to them, recruiting a huge volume at a low cost - through full automation as well.

Take your shot at big community building through our platform today.

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