How David Levi got 3 new freelancing clients in his first month

Overcoming anxiety and uncertainty to triumph

David Levi was your typical freelancer, juggling multiple gigs, including driver an Uber 3 days a week to make ends meet. Where he differentiated from a lot of other freelancers was his unbelievable work ethic and drive to get more, higher paying clients.

David specialized in offering SEO services for eCommerce business. He faced challenges in securing new clients and generating consistent leads on UpWork - the only platform he had ever been on. He was frustrated by their lack of marketing options, so he tried something different.

By leveraging Growtoro's data and outreach tools, the freelancer managed to acquire three new clients within a month, transforming his stagnant growth and building a massive pipeline of leads and prospects.

Overcoming the odds


The freelancer encountered several key challenges in their efforts to acquire new clients:

  1. Difficulty in getting in front of potential clients and bidding successfully on UpWork projects.
  2. Stagnant growth due to a lack of consistent leads and clients.
  3. Limited knowledge of top-of-funnel lead generation and demand generation strategies.
  4. Lack of experience in cold, targeted outreach for raising awareness and acquiring new clients.


Growtoro's platform provided the freelancer with the tools and resources needed to overcome these challenges:

  1. Vast, targeted data marketplace: The freelancer used Growtoro's data marketplace to identify prospects most likely interested in their SEO services.
  2. Outreach tools: Growtoro's platform enabled the freelancer to perform proper outreach with high converting copy and excellent inbox deliverability.
  3. Support and guidance: The freelancer received assistance from Growtoro's support team and accessed valuable knowledge from the growth university.
  4. Trial and error: The platform's flexibility allowed the freelancer to experiment and refine their approach, ultimately resulting in a successful campaign that led to 10 new meetings.


The freelancer's usage of Growtoro's tools led to impressive results:

  1. Acquisition of three new paying clients within a month.
  2. A massive pipeline of leads, prospects, opportunities, and interest.
  3. Ten new meetings booked as a result of the successful outreach campaign.
  4. A newfound reliance on Growtoro's data and outreach tools to continue generating leads and clients.

David had this to say, "I had never tried anything like this before and felt overwhelmed just thinking about setting a campaign up. I reached out to the team with a bunch of questions and they were so friendly, so helpful and got me set up perfectly. I kept searching the data marketplace for leads and came across the absolutely perfect set of prospects. I reached out to them and got 2 of my highest paying gigs ever."

“ I reached out to the team with a bunch of questions and they were so friendly, so helpful and got me set up perfectly.”

Scaling your success

The freelancer's experience with Growtoro's platform highlights the power of targeted data, outreach tools, and support in overcoming growth challenges and acquiring new clients. By adopting a proactive approach and leveraging Growtoro's resources, the freelancer was able to revive their business, secure three new clients, and build a strong pipeline for future growth.

Growtoro's platform has proven to be a game-changer for this freelancer, providing the necessary tools to connect with the right prospects and expand their SEO services business.

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