LeafWire's Growth Acceleration with Growtoro's Data Expertise

Situation Overview

LeafWire, a pioneering network in the cannabis and CBD industry, was facing a significant hurdle in its growth trajectory. Their primary challenge was expanding their user base, specifically attracting and integrating cannabis and CBD professionals into their network. This stagnation was a critical barrier to their expansion and market influence.

Intervention by Growtoro

Recognizing the need for a robust solution, LeafWire partnered with Growtoro, a company specializing in data-driven growth strategies. Growtoro embarked on an ambitious global data collection mission with the aim of identifying and compiling a comprehensive list of professionals in the cannabis, hemp, and CBD industries.

Key Strategies Employed:

  • Global Data Gathering: An exhaustive worldwide search to locate individuals working in the targeted industries.
  • Data Verification: Ensuring the accuracy of contact information including emails, phone numbers, and LinkedIn profiles.
  • Creation of a Universal Database: Compilation of over 250,000 verified professionals in the relevant industries.

Impact and Results

The collaboration between LeafWire and Growtoro yielded remarkable results. The extensive database provided by Growtoro enabled LeafWire to conduct targeted outreach, resulting in:

  • Acquisition of tens of thousands of new members.
  • Significant enhancement in network growth and market presence.
  • Establishment of LeafWire as a key player in the cannabis business network.


The data-driven approach adopted by Growtoro was pivotal in transforming LeafWire's market position. Without this comprehensive database, LeafWire's growth would have been considerably slower and less cost-effective. Growtoro's intervention not only accelerated growth but also ensured profitability and sustainability in LeafWire's expansion.

Conclusion and Offer

The case of LeafWire is a testament to the power of targeted and data-driven growth strategies in niche markets. If you are seeking to amplify your community growth and audience engagement in a specific niche, segment, or audience, Growtoro offers the expertise and resources to build a highly targeted database.

With an affordable pricing model and quick turnaround time, Growtoro stands ready to jumpstart your community growth and audience building efforts.

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