Los Angeles Apparel grows their newsletter by 200%!

Uncovering an email newsletter growth hack

Los Angeles Apparel, a fast-growing sustainable fashion brand, sought to expand its email newsletter reach and engagement, ultimately aiming to boost revenue. By leveraging Growtoro's platform, the brand experienced a 200% increase in newsletter subscribers, with these new subscribers becoming a highly profitable cohort amongst all of their newsletter audiences.

In addition to generating targeted leads and reaching out directly, the brand used data from the platform to create winning lookalike audiences for Facebook ads. The combination of targeted outreach, excellent deliverability, and persuasive copy led to an avalanche of new subscribers and revenue for Los Angeles Apparel.

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Los Angeles Apparel faced a few key challenges in growing their email newsletter:

  1. Difficulty in organically growing the newsletter through website traffic alone.
  2. Difficulty and high acquisition costs running Meta or Google Ad lead generation, form capture campaigns
  3. A need for a more aggressive, targeted, and smart approach to acquiring new subscribers.
  4. Maximizing the newsletter's potential as the brand's most vital revenue source.


Growtoro's platform provided Los Angeles Apparel with the tools needed to overcome these challenges.

Targeted lead generation:

By identifying potential subscribers interested in the brand, Growtoro helped Los Angeles Apparel create a highly targeted outreach strategy.

Direct outreach:

Los Angeles Apparel used the platform to reach out to leads directly, driving them to a high-conversion landing page.

Persuasive copy:

The brand crafted witty and compelling copy, which increased engagement and encouraged new subscribers to join the newsletter.

High-converting funnel:

The combination of targeted outreach and persuasive copy led to a surge of targeted traffic and responses, ultimately resulting in a high-converting funnel.

Lookalike audiences: Using more targeted data acquired from the Growtoro data marketplace, Los Angeles Apparel created winning lookalike audiences for Facebook ads, further boosting their reach and engagement.

“Los Angeles Apparel used the platform to reach out to leads directly and proactively,  driving them to a high-conversion landing page. ”

Outside the box approaches lead to results

Los Angeles Apparel's experience with Growtoro's platform demonstrates the power of targeted lead generation, direct outreach, and persuasive copy in growing an email newsletter. By taking a proactive, aggressive, and smart approach, the brand was able to overcome traditional growth challenges and turn their newsletter into their #1 revenue driver.

Using targeted direct outreach to gain newsletter subscribers was an innovative, novel approach a lot of brands have not utilized yet. When done correctly and set up in the proper infrastructure, this is a completely reliable, safe and effective way to get new subscribers.

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