Pappy & Company's Breakthrough in Corporate Gifting with Growtoro

Client Overview

Pappy & Company – A lifestyle brand known for its fine bourbon-inspired products, ranging from barrel-aged pantry staples to small-batch cigars and elegant home goods. Their focus is on creating collections that enhance celebrations and shared experiences.


The primary goal was to expand Pappy & Company’s reach into new markets by establishing wholesale accounts in legal, accounting, and financial firms. The key target: selling corporate gift baskets and securing long-term, high-value wholesale partnerships.


  1. Market Penetration: Pappy & Company needed to penetrate new verticals where they previously had no foothold.
  2. Decision-Maker Identification: Locating and engaging the right decision-makers in these industries posed a significant challenge.
  3. Lead Quality: Generating high-quality, ready-to-close wholesale leads was crucial for substantial growth.

Strategy and Implementation

1. Data-Driven Targeting

Growtoro employed sophisticated data analytics to identify potential wholesale clients within the legal, accounting, and financial sectors.

2. Custom Outreach

Developed personalized marketing campaigns tailored to resonate with professionals in these sectors. The campaigns emphasized the uniqueness and quality of Pappy & Company's products as ideal for corporate gifting to their employees, clients and various stakeholders.

3. Decision-Maker Engagement

Utilized targeted communication strategies to directly engage with key decision-makers, showcasing the value proposition of Pappy & Company's products.

4. Continuous Monitoring and Optimization

Regular analysis and adjustments were made to the strategy based on market feedback and performance data.


  • 20+ High-Value Wholesale Accounts: Successfully acquired over 20 new wholesale accounts in the target verticals within 2 months.
  • 200% Increase in Wholesale Sales Line: This strategic expansion led to a 200% increase in their wholesale sales.
  • Long-Term Business Relationships: Established enduring partnerships that are expected to be lucrative for years to come.
  • Widespread Brand Recognition: Enhanced word-of-mouth marketing, expanding Pappy & Company's presence in these key sectors.
"We were struggling to break through and make contact with the decision makers at these firms. We knew our gift baskets would be received well if we could just get in front of the right people in a cost effective way. Growtoro not only found us the perfect stakeholders, but they engaged them with effective messaging and set the table for us to quickly close. It was way more successful than I anticiapted and I could not recommend them enough to other businesses looking to gain more wholesale accounts." - Willy B., Wholesale Sales Director

Overcoming Challenges

  • Precision Targeting: Overcame market entry barriers by precisely identifying and reaching out to ideal clients in the targeted verticals.
  • Effective Decision-Maker Engagement: Successfully reached and persuaded high-level decision-makers, showcasing the suitability of Pappy & Company’s products for corporate needs.
  • Quality Lead Generation: Provided Pappy & Company with high-quality, ready-to-close leads, significantly boosting their wholesale business.


Growtoro's targeted approach and custom strategies significantly contributed to Pappy & Company's successful penetration into new market verticals, demonstrating our ability to effectively identify and engage with key decision-makers. This case study exemplifies how Growtoro can empower businesses to find and establish valuable wholesale accounts, positioning them as leaders in their respective industries and driving substantial growth through cost-effective and targeted business partnerships.

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