How Rascal Barber Alliance gained 30+ new barbershops using Growtoro

When nothing else is working – try something new

Rascal Barber Alliance is a family-owned business providing barber shops with wholesale access to premium men's haircare and grooming products, access to a thriving network & community of other barbers, and additional services to support the industry, such as education and recruitment. They were struggling to find new ways to get new barbershops so they gave direct outreach a shot and have never looked back.

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The introduction of Growtoro's outreach marketing growth platform changed the narrative for RBA's sales as they were now able to reach thousands of barbershops, resulting in immediate awareness and new sales within weeks. This cascade effect has also resulted in a massive sales pipeline of opportunities to close throughout the rest of the year.

The barbershop used this feature to target barbershops in their local area and offer exclusive discounts on their grooming services. This approach worked wonders, as the barbershops responded positively to the emails, resulting in a significant increase in new customers. The direct outreach feature was also an essential aspect of the platform that helped Rascal Barber Alliance gain more customers.

Ben Davis, the CEO and owner of Rascal Barber Alliance said, "Growtoro enabled us to beat our 22 sales KPI's for the entire year in 2 months. We never tried this kind of marketing and its resulted in lower CPAs than LinkedIn or Google Ads, by far. We love the ease of use and continue to make this platform a major part of our sales & direct marketing efforts moving forward."

RBA was able to connect with potential customers directly, rather than waiting for them to find the community through word of mouth or other means. This approach was particularly effective because it allowed the brand to showcase its services and build great relationships with potential customers.

“Growtoro enabled us to beat our 22 sales KPI's for the entire year in 2 months.”

Never be complacent

Rascal Barber Alliance closed 30+ new accounts in a matter of months, and they have a big pipeline yielding more. Their new mantra is to always be on the offensive and on the lookout for new prospects, even if things are going well. This kind of new approach has secured the viability of their community for years to come and we can't wait to see their continued growth.

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