How Sunday Citizen scored 15 new retail stores

Sunday became Funday again

Sunday Citizen is a quality first bedding and home decor brand, making their own products and building up a real reputation for offering some of the comfortable bedding products in the world.

Post pandemic, things became tough for the brand as tried to navigate logistical, shipping and supply chain problems. Their direct to business line was drying up a bit and they made a strategic decision to increase their wholesale accounts.

Diversification is key


In a post-pandemic landscape, Sunday Citizen's once-thriving direct-to-consumer sales were struggling. To survive, the company needed to pivot its focus toward securing wholesale accounts and increasing its presence in retail stores. While they tried using Google Ads and LinkedIn Ads, the results were underwhelming, and they needed a more direct approach to connect with potential retail partners.


Sunday Citizen decided to leverage Growtoro's vast, targeted database to identify suitable retail partners that aligned with their brand and products. The platform allowed them to create tailored outreach campaigns, designed to introduce Sunday Citizen to these potential partners and establish lasting connections.


With Growtoro's powerful tools at their disposal, Sunday Citizen developed a comprehensive outreach strategy. They began by using the platform's advanced filtering options to create a list of potential retail partners that were a good fit for their products. Next, they crafted personalized emails and follow-up messages to introduce their brand and products to these prospects. The entire campaign was managed and monitored through Growtoro's user-friendly platform.

They had never tried this kind of outreach before so had a lot of questions setting up the proper infrastructure that would allow them to get great inbox deliverability and generate responses. They had a laundry list of weekly questions for the Growtoro team during the set up phase, and the team did more than just answer their questions. The company's president said, "The Growtoro team went above and beyond to help us out, hopping on calls, showing us exactly what to do, giving us invaluable insights and following up with us to make sure we were seeing success. It was an incredible support effort."

With this kind of support behind them, they were ready to soar.

“The team went above and beyond to help us out, hopping on calls, showing us exactly what to do, giving us invaluable insights and following up with us to make sure we were seeing success.”


Within just three months of using Growtoro, Sunday Citizen successfully secured 15 new retail store partnerships. These connections not only provided immediate revenue but also opened the door to long-term, high-volume partnerships with all of the stores. The success of their outreach campaign was a direct result of Growtoro's targeted database and powerful outreach tools, which allowed Sunday Citizen to connect with the right prospects and establish valuable relationships.

Moving forward, Sunday Citizen plans to continue using Growtoro every month to generate new wholesale accounts and keep their pipeline filled. The platform's proven effectiveness has become an integral part of the brand's growth strategy, ensuring that they can continue to thrive in a challenging retail landscape.

Building a lasting foundation


Sunday Citizen's incredible success with Growtoro demonstrates the power of targeted outreach and lead generation for brands looking to expand their wholesale accounts. By utilizing the platform's vast database and advanced tools, Sunday Citizen was able to pivot its focus and secure valuable new partnerships, ensuring the brand's long-term success. Growtoro has become an indispensable resource for Sunday Citizen as they continue to forge new connections and grow their retail presence.

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