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Find new customers through personalized, targeted, & scaleable outreach
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Billed at $3,588 $4,990/yr
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20K Emails Delivered per Month* (5 weeks of sending)
5K Custom Verified Email List sourced from Social Media, Google Maps, LinkedIn, Business Directories & More
200 Targeted LinkedIn Outreach Messages 
4 Branded Domains & 4 Sending Emails
Use of Warm Dedicated IPs & Custom Email Server Setup
Permanent Domain and IP Warmup
High Converting Custom Copywriting — 3 Custom Templates
Daily Campaign Creation & Management
Lead and Sales Response Forwarding 
2x Warm Lead Reports 
Real Time Access to Analytics Dashboard
Cold Email & LinkedIn Outreach Best Practices + Responsible Sending
Daily Email or Phone Support
Monthly Strategy Review Call


Billed at $7,908 $7,990/yr
Get Started
40K Emails Delivered per Month* (5 weeks of sending)
10K Custom Verified Email List sourced from Social Media, Google Maps, LinkedIn, Business Directories & More 
400 Targeted LinkedIn Outreach Messages 
1x Dedicated Cold Calling SDR
100+ Cold Calls per Day
6 Branded Domains & 6 Sending Emails
Use of Warm Dedicated IPs & Custom Email Server Setup
Permanent Domain and IP Warmup
High Converting Custom Copywriting — 4 Custom Templates
Daily Campaign Creation & Management
Human Sales Responders & Forwarders
2x Warm Lead Reports 
Real Time Access to Analytics Dashboard
Cold Email & LinkedIn Outreach Best Practices + Responsible Sending
Dedicated Customer Success Manager
Monthly Strategy Review Call
Ownership of All Domains
Ownership of 10K email list  

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Harness the power of cold email
Get leads on autopilot
Hyper targeted lead lists
Proven ramp scale with high deliverability
Daily email campaign creation
Full Metrics & Analytics reporting
wholesale Testimonials
Amplifying growth for high powered people & companies

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1. What is included in each monthly plan?
Here is everything that is included in each monthly plan.

1) Branded domains purchase
2) Complete proper DNS configuration & branded email creation
3) Full daily domains & emails warmup
4) Dedicated IP creation & warmup
5) Campaign copywriting and structured A/B testing
6) Daily email campaign creation & live sending
7) Smart & responsible cold email best practices
8) Real-time analytics access & helpful strategy recommendations, insights & tips
9) Outstanding account management and prompt customer service
10) Upon completion of the campaign, all branded domains and emails will be transferred to you. These are yours to use forever.

In short, we will be building out your cold email engine and warming it up in full for you. Then we will create, manage and analyze daily email campaigns for you. We structure your engine for high volume and inbox deliverability consistency from Day 1.
2. Am I locked into any long term contracts?
Not at all. Our plans are month to month, and you are free to walk away from the plan after each month. However, we recommend a minimum of three months to give our team enough time to test and optimize your campaigns.
3. Is cold email too complicated to do on my own?
Anything can be learned with patience, repetition, and time. Cold email is not rocket science — it’s more of an art that requires in-depth knowledge of intricate processes, methods, strategies, and troubleshooting. If you think your team has sufficient experience, time, and resources to take on cold emailing in-house, then, by all means, we encourage you to do so.

The lists you get from us are perfect leads for cold emails, and this is excellent fuel for running your cold email engine. If you need help with just the setup, we’ve got you covered.

However, if you think you don’t have the time, don’t feel like trying to figure it out on your own, don’t feel like failing before you succeed (which is inevitable for novice cold emailers), and immediately want to add an effective marketing medium to your current strategy, we would recommend you sign up for our monthly service.

We are masters of cold email and can effectively build, manage, and grow your new tool. Let us do the heavy lifting while you stay focused on your core business.
4. What if this just doesn't work for us?
We can not guarantee success for every single campaign or client - that would be irresponsible. Like any other form of advertising, the inherent risk is your message just doesn't resonate with your audience, and your objectives are not fulfilled.

The good thing about cold email is that you at least get to walk away with something. You will see scores of leads/people that positively responded to your emails which can be put into a warm email marketing campaign. You will also receive the collection of warm branded domains and emails we’ve assembled and the knowledge of cold email campaigns - a valuable set of information you can use in the future.
5. How effective are cold email campaigns?
Extremely. Cold email is an incredible way to get into the pockets of your perfect prospects. You can expect very high delivery and open rates when properly setting up a cold email infrastructure. After that, the sky's the limit in terms of scale (how many emails you want to send per month) and results like sales, newsletter signups, etc.

You can send as little or as many emails as you want, you can change the copy and the type of offers you’re sending potential customers, and you can tweak every aspect of your approach.

Imagine having the power to directly reach out to people interested in your products in a personal and intimate way that delivers them extreme value at the right time. Cold email is flexible, powerful, and fun. Now stop imagining and start getting your brand in the hands of people who need it!
6. Should I stop my other forms of advertising to do this?
Not at all. Cold email is an excellent complimentary piece to a comprehensive marketing strategy. Providing more touchpoints for people to see your products is always beneficial.

For instance, if you're running Facebook, Google Ads, YouTube campaigns, etc. - adding cold email into the mix can take your results to the next level.


1. What copy and subject lines will I use for the campaigns?
A mixture of yours and ours. Here at Growtoro, we provide free copywriting and subject line writing services for our monthly clients. We will write 4 custom copies and 5-6 subject lines for your campaigns before they begin.

We will also ask you to provide the same, and we will structure the A/B testing throughout the month to determine which copies & subjects are yielding the best results.We will share some of our higher-performing cold email templates with you to give you inspiration and a creative boost. In addition, you can use these as reference points and guiding beacons when you write your copies.

As the campaigns start and progress, we will provide you recommendations on what to tweak and even a few custom cold copies to test (with your approval). We view this as a collaborative process, and the only thing we care about is your success.

2. When can I start expecting results, and honestly what kind of results can I expect?
At any time - we've seen conversions, excellent responses, newsletter signups, and more from the very first campaigns. Generally, it takes a month or two to heat up and start seeing exciting results. Given the different businesses and objectives, it’s difficult to predict this. 

It takes time and patience to fine-tune everything and nail down winning subject lines, copies, audiences, and everything else we will be testing. However, once this is “nailed”, the sky’s the limit, and ROI potential is massive. 

3. What kind of objectives can I choose for these campaigns?
Cold email is highly flexible. You can choose nearly any objective you’d like. Some include increasing website traffic, newsletter subscriptions, sales for products, running highly effective surveys and research campaigns, testing out offers, and more.
4. Can I increase my real newsletter subscribers with this?
You can! This is the most popular use case for our clients - using a cold email engine to funnel back people into your warm email marketing funnel and newsletter. It’s a process Growtoro calls "Reversing The Funnel," and it works exceptionally well.

Long gone are the days of running cheap lead gen. campaigns on Facebook. It’s become rather costly to acquire legit newsletter subscribers from a Facebook campaign - but cold email exists for this very purpose, so take advantage of it!

5. Will I get to see the email campaign's analytics?
Of course. We provide you a secure log-in to view all of your campaign’s analytics in real-time - opens, responses, clicks, unsubs, etc. There's a lot of power in this data, and you can use it for a variety of effective follow-up steps or actions. 

For example, you can take the emails of everyone who's ever opened one of your campaigns and send them a unique new retargeting email. They already know about you, so it's time to move them down the funnel further.


1. Are your cold emails CAN SPAM and GDPR compliant?
Of course, we make sure to set up and send emails that are compliant with all laws, rules and regulations. Shedding more light on this... For starters, we never ask for personal info or redirect to a sketchy, irrelevant website; we always include unsubscribe links; we never re-email people if they opt out or ask us not to email them again; and we always offer something truly valuable to the recipient.  

People are sometimes hesitant to get into cold email for fear of violating these rules, but the truth is they are rarely violated. The only time you can get into trouble cold emailing people is if you indiscriminately email millions of people in a very short time span asking for personal info or ignoring their requests to not be emailed again. And obviously, we won't be doing either thing.

It is completely safe to cold email people as long as you never abuse the privilege and always respect your recipients wishes. 

Think of just how less intrusive a cold email is than a door to door salesman, or one of those horrible telemarketing robocalls that we seemingly get a few times a day? Emails are non-invasive, friendly, can be read and replied to at the recipient’s leisure and honestly help people discover great new things that they are genuinely interested in.
2. How do you avoid the emails landing in the spam box?
A few key factors go into this. Firstly, properly configuring your domain's DNS settings is key. You have to ensure everything is set up technically properly. Then secondly, performing a complete warm up on these new domains and emails is critical. You simply cant create a new email and send out hundreds of emails on Day 1 - that will guarantee land you in the spam box.

Thirdly, there is a tightly kept “spam word” list we have here at Growtoro, which are words people commonly use in emails that trigger a spam filter. Our copy is tailored to avoid using those words and phrases. When we’re doing the sending, we also ensure that your messages are sent from an email address – and email domain – that has a good reputation and has been ‘warmed up’.

Additionally, we test your branded domains every month to ensure they are still healthy and not "spammed out". If a domain does start landing in the spam box, which may invariably happen after cold emailing from the same domain for months, you simply just need to let them “rest” (aka not use) for a few weeks and they will return back to full health.

A lot of cold emailers don’t realize these details, and will only use the same few domains forever, eventually driving them into the ground and giving up on their efforts after spam/delivery to inbox becomes an issue. When executed properly, cold email has the most longevity and ROI potential for any marketing strategy, by far.
3. How are you able to email so many people in one month?
This is due to the expert and efficient way we set up your cold email engine and infrastructure from scratch. We utilize several domains, we are performing a daily warm up on these domains & emails every day for the entire month, we deploy a mix of shared & dedicated IPs just for your brand and we triple clean the email lists being used in the campaigns. This enables us to send high a volume of emails from the get go — with excellent ongoing inbox deliverability.
5. Is it OK to cold email people without their permission, aka people who have not opted in?
Absolutely. A few things to know about cold email. First off - you do NOT need permission or someone's ok to cold email them (it's 100% legal) - provided a few key things... 

1) You always provide an opt out link / way for them to easily unsubscribe (similar to what I did on the first email I sent you above). 

2) You always make it as personalized and relevant to them as possible. This way, there's a good chance they'll actually like getting your email as you're bringing something to them they'll be interested in. With the targeted way we get these emails, that obviously won't be a problem. 

3) Never ask for any personal info or maliciously attempt to get their info. 

As long as you do those 3 things, people genuinely do not care at all about getting cold emails. We have been involved in thousands and thousands of cold email campaigns over the years and know this for a fact. They are already getting them and that's not going to stop, so it's a harmless form of friendly outreach - and a great way to start a relationship with a new customer.

6. Is cold email considered SPAM?
Not if it's done right. There is a huge difference between a properly crafted cold email and spam. If you are in business of any kind, you have definitely received lots of spam solicitation emails before.

They are usually something like this:

“Dear {Company Name},

I recently visited your website and it seems you would benefit from our services. Why don’t you visit our website at to learn more?”

{Spammer Name}

These are spam emails. They are impersonal, addressed to a non-human recipient, and often totally devoid of personality and valuable + relevant information. 

A real cold email – a good and properly crafted one – is personalized, offers specific information and there is a good reason that it has been sent to that specific recipient; it is very relevant to them and offers something helpful or useful they should be interested in. People welcome these kinds of emails and are receptive to them.


1. What is a branded domain?
A branded domain is simply a new domain that looks like your actual main website domain, and is strictly used for email sending. When you buy a new domain, you can create email addresses under that domain name, and we use those for sending. We are experts at choosing the right branded domains to purchase for you. 
2. Why do you use branded domains, and not just my main domain?
Because we want to protect your main domain's reputation, which is used for customer emails and email marketing efforts. There's always the chance someone marks a cold email as spam, and we don't want that happening for your main email accounts. For instance, you may use Klaviyo or Mailchimp for your main email marketing emails - for order confirmation emails, newsletter subscriber campaigns, customer support questions, etc. These are vital to your business's core operations and we don't want to potentially compromise that with cold email.

So in order to do cold email truly risk free, we buy and "warmup" branded domains, redirect these URLs and forward the traffic to your real domain, then create new email accounts under these branded domains. If one of these domains gets marked as spam, no problem, we just create and warm up a new one - at zero productivity loss or cost to you.
3. What names are you going to use for the branded email accounts?
This is your choice. We can either use your existing employees names or create alias names, which are just random names we generate. Recipieints really don't care who the email is coming from, they care about the content. It is important though to send cold emails from a "human" name, and not a "support", "contact", "info" type email, because that looks spammy. Studies have shown that human emails are received more warmly than general contact/support marketing emails.
4. What does "warmup" mean?
A warmup is the act of creating a sending history and good reputation for your brand new domains and emails. These days, email service providers, ISPs and firewalls place a higher emphasis on the reputation of your domain, more so than your IP address. When you buy a new domain, it has no sending history or reputation, so you need to create that before you start "live sending" (which is just sending to real prospects).

With our warmup process, we send real emails to other emails in our network, and we open, respond and star these emails, which effectively builds you a great reputation. So once you start sending, the ISPs will see your domain is not brand new and has a good reputation, thus ensuring great deliverability to the inbox (and not spam box) rates.

Warmup is very time consuming and has to be scaled properly, which is why it's best to outsource this to experts. 

5. Do I own all the branded domains and emails you make for me?
You do. When our campaigns are done and if you choose to continue on your own without our help, we will immediately transfer all of your branded domains to your domain registrar. We use GSUITE to create email accounts, so we will transfer you these as well. From there, you can use those emails or create new ones with your warmed up domains.
6. What happens to all of the infrastructure you build for us if we discontinue?
Nothing at all. We keep it on "ice" for you to preserve the engine if you ever choose to come back to us in the future. Since everything we build is custom from the ground up, it doesn't make sense for us to just "delete" this if you discontinue services.


1. What exactly is included in the pricing, what am I paying for?
You are paying for 3 key things: the one time domain costs, the new email sending accounts, the hosting needed for the new domains & emails, the IPs we set up for you, the advanced email sending software use and the time intensive labor required to create your daily campaigns. Nothing is automated here, we hand craft every single campaign each day, and that takes time. 

We also keep our virtual doors open 24/7 for you, answering any questions you have and troubleshooting any potential issues that arise. 

If you're asking "why don't you just use an in-house sending software so we don't get charged for that?" - that's because we use the best of the best email sending software, its ranked the #1 in the industry and world for cold email deliverability. It would us takes years and years to build and refine such a polished solution, and we care about quality and deliverability more than anything, which is why we choose to use an existing, proven platform.

2. Why is the pricing more expensive for the higher volume packages?
Simply because we're sending out more emails for you, which requires more domains, emails and manpower (labor) to create + send out the campaigns.
4. How does billing work?
All plans are month to month and billed monthly. You only pay for that month's work one month at a time. You are free to discontinue services with us at any time.

5. Why is there no free trial?
Because there are fixed costs with every new client we onboard and campaigns we manage. This is not an automated solution or one size fits all kind of thing - we have hard expenses and labor costs associated with buying new domains, warming them up and sending out campaigns.


1. What lists and emails do you use for these campaigns?
You can order a custom list from us here, using targeted social media hashtags or competitor account names, and we will create that list from scratch and then use it for your monthly campaigns.
2. Are your IG lists clean, will they bounce?
They are incredibly clean. We always run fresh data collection jobs on every order, we NEVER re-use email lists for clients
3. What if I want to use my own emails in these campaigns, can I send those to you?
Yes, you can provide us with your own recipient email lists. We will scrub and verify them for you at no cost, to ensure a high deliverability rate. It is incredibly important that the emails are clean, verified and valid. A consistently high bounce rate is bad news for the health of a domain and we will always avoid this.

4. What if I want to use another source of emails not from social media for these campaigns, like business emails?
We are experts at B2B list creation as well, and we can create a custom email list for you based on your needs. Please shoot us an email here letting us know what kind of prospects you want to target. We will then conduct our due diligence and let you know exactly how many verified emails we can find for you and what the cost is. If you want to buy the list, we will send a custom invoice to you and upon payment, we will start building your list and verify all emails once complete.


1. How does the Wholesale program work?
Same as the other plans, except you pay less and we take a small commission on the first order of any accounts closed that originate from us. 
2. How do we know a deal originated from you?
Using common attribution methods (UTMs, other tracking links) and a custom system we have to determine which wholesale deals came from our side, we are able to determine if the deal came from our side.
3. What else is needed on our side?
We will be in regular contact with your team throughout the month, syncing on current outreach progress, how many opportunities we’ve generated, how they are progressing along your pipeline and which deals have you closed. You would send us these details on a shared google sheet. 
4. How do commission payouts to you work?
Similar to how you would pay a sales rep., you would just send us a monthly commission check via wire, direct deposit, PayPal or Crypto.
5. How do I know if the wholesale partner program is for me?
The B2C Wholesale partner program is great for brands who have products or services that they sell to other businesses (B2B). In addition, having an established sales process, a sales team that can quickly capitalize on the opportunities we generate and a relatively shorter sales cycle is all important in creating a successful wholesale partnership with us.

We carefully review all our B2C Wholesale applications to ensure the brand aligns with our processes and there is an excellent chance for sustained success.

Partner Plan

1. How does the Partner Plan program work?
Same as our other plans, we will create all branded domains, sending emails, put them into warmup, write copy for the campaigns and begin executing + scaling daily sales outreach campaigns to prospects.

The key differences are the Partner Plan is cheaper than the other plans and we include all of the add ons (All Unique Emails and Full Time Response Handler) for free.
2. How do we know if a deal originated from your sending?
We will require you to provide us with all your pipeline status and the details of any closed deals for that month. We will use our tracking technology to determine if those prospects came from us and we will sync up with your sales team once a month to determine final sales attribution.

In addition, we will be in close contact with you/your sales team throughout the month as we send opportunities your way. You can simply view us as another sales representative on your team. 
3. How do we know if this program is right for us?
The partner program is excellent for any startups, software, tech. or media companies with a strong product that has healthy profit margins, but maybe not a big sales team or sales process established yet. 

Our highly experienced sales professionals will become your de facto sales force and enable you to scale your revenue a lot faster. 

We also want to make clear that our partner program is a great fit for more mature startups or companies with established sales teams that just want to add a high level sales boost to their exciting team or process. After all, who can’t use more sales and revenue to their bottom line?

We will carefully review your application to determine if your company is a good fit for us.

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