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The Red Crane Media team had always billed themselves as highly innovative, highly disruptive and forward thinking. This ethos really shined in their new product - a new third-party ad placement insert in outgoing order shipments. They knew how powerful and scaleable this solution could be for eCommerce and retail brands, but simply had no good way to cost effectively spread the awareness and get the word out there.

They had built this incredible new product but no one came to the party... yet.

Being direct has its advantages


After developing this cutting-edge ad placement tool, Red Crane Media faced the challenge of spreading awareness about their new offering to potential clients in the retail sector. They had virtually no success with paid ad platforms in the past to get new clients, so they were not sure where to start. With a limited budget and no experience in direct outreach marketing, they needed a solution that would allow them to connect with their target audience without breaking the bank.


Red Crane Media discovered Growtoro, a platform designed to help agencies launch successful direct outreach campaigns. Intrigued by Growtoro's offerings, they reached out to the team with numerous questions before committing to the platform. Growtoro's team provided the guidance and support Red Crane Media needed to start their journey on the right foot - with confidence and precision.


Once Red Crane Media felt confident in their understanding of Growtoro's platform, they began crafting a tailored outreach strategy. Utilizing Growtoro's vast database, they identified potential retail clients that would benefit from their innovative ad placement tool. They then designed personalized email campaigns to introduce their offering to these prospects. They started racking up the responses, then funneled those into their CRM to stay on top of easily.

Throughout the process, Red Crane Media used Growtoro's user-friendly platform to manage and monitor their outreach efforts, ensuring that they stayed on track and made adjustments as needed.

Red Crane's CEO, Noah Markel, had mentioned this, "We were kind of stuck when we launched our new product. We were so excited but also exhausted from the production and testing of it. It felt like we had no energy left but the race had not even begun yet. We reached out to the Growtoro team and they helped create a bespoke marketing plan for us and answered all of our questions, which really put us at ease. We have been crushing it and don't plan to stop anytime soon."


Within months of signing up for Growtoro, Red Crane Media secured 15 new accounts, a resounding success that exceeded their initial expectations. These new clients not only provided immediate revenue but also helped solidify the agency's reputation in the retail sector.

Since then, Red Crane Media has continued to rely on Growtoro as their primary means of new client acquisition. The platform's ability to deliver results without requiring a significant financial investment has made it an invaluable resource for the agency.

“We reached out to the Growtoro team and they helped create a bespoke marketing plan for us and answered all of our questions, which really put us at ease. We have been crushing it and don't plan to stop anytime soon."”

It's a new day and age


Red Crane Media's success with Growtoro demonstrates the potential of direct outreach and lead generation for businesses looking to grow their client base. By leveraging the platform's extensive database and powerful outreach tools, Red Crane Media was able to effectively share their innovative ad placement tool with their target audience, resulting in numerous new accounts and a solid foundation for future growth. Growtoro has become an indispensable part of Red Crane Media's strategy, proving that direct outreach can be a game-changer for businesses of all sizes.

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